The Distributed Datacenter

Enterprise-grade, cloud storage for backups and disaster recovery running on a global sharing-economy

An Army of Contractors

  • Independent nodes provide storage on a global network
  • Extreme cost/performance benefit over large, environmentally unfriendly datacenters
  • Industrial grade security, performance and durability w/o the footprint
  • Passive income for an army of contractors – no tech expertise required
  • Eliminates cross-border payment friction with blockchain, smart contracts, digital currency and a public ledger

Smart Contracting

  • Thousands of Providers stitched together in a global storage cloud.
  • Customers choose based on proximity, capacity and performance.
  • Public key cryptography fingerprints nodes, then pays for successful storage terms
  • Storage proofs prevent cheating and other forms of attack.
  • Permanent public ledger with formation, revision and payment transactions

Provider Equipment

Running a provider for passive income should be easy and available to anyone with reasonable Internet access. SCP, Corp sells an open-source storage appliance for simplicity and ease of use. Plug it in, turn it on and watch the income accumulate. Units are subsidized with incentives to lower time to reach a return on investment (ROI). Units are expected to launch in Q1 2021.

Secure, Redundant, Durable

Erasure Codes are uniquely suited to large distributed groups with higher redundancy and less uploaded data. Normal cloud providers replicate data to three locations for durability. We chop data into tiny slivers and distribute it to lots of nodes with added redundant slices (called parity pieces).

Large numbers of providers can drop offline or be compromised and the data remains fully accessible, complete and secure.

Spread over broad geographic areas, we protect from natural and man-made challenges.  See the Whitepaper for more details

Efficient, Frictionless, Incentivized

A market mechanism matches desirable provider characteristics with customer needs. Base payments are earned for storing data with additional Incentives payouts for providing higher performance, auditability, capacity, geographic availability and more.

For example, medical backups in the USA may require compliance with HIPAA, a privacy regime. Providers willing to pass equipment and personal audits can earn higher payouts than average nodes.

Proof of Work

Blockchain is a ledger of transactions. Anyone may invest in specialized equipment to validate and publish transaction records. For their service, these “miners” receive a financial incentive (digital currency). Equipment cost and the electricity burned creates real value in this service of adding blocks of transactional data to the chain. The currency emitted is tradeable on public exchanges (Ticker symbol $SCP) and is used directly in storage contracts

Proof of Work

SCP currently trades on SouthXchange and TradeOgre
New exchanges currently solicited, watch ScPrime twitter for news

Utility Coin Under the Hood

  • No purchase, storage or custody issues with cryptocurrency
  • Customers interact and pay normally with credit cards and purchase orders
  • Relayer client interacts with the network, buys and locks utility coin into the contracts
  • Storage costs remain constant with automatic price updaters on the network

Security Token

  • Secondary token with equity in the network (SPF)
  • Taxes all storage transactions (10%)
  • 200,000,000 token supply
  • Never offered for sale


  • Insures smart contract performance with storage providers
  • Coin lockups create organic velocity sinks against coin supply


  • Blockchain reward declines every block (average every 10 minutes)
  • Nominal supply ceiling 55m SCP in year 5 (2023) with low inflation thereafter
Inflation of the SCP money supply

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