Two Papa Bravo – 2PB of Storage Used – March 25/26

4 years of development has created the best distributed network on this planet

A community event to celebrate 2PB stored

March 25 | What is Happening – Full product/community demo

The team behind ScPrime, XNS and Xa-Miner are pleased to welcome the community, customers and anyone interested in The Distributed Datacenter to an event celebrating this unique milestone! Join us on Saturday at 2PM EDT/6PM UTC. The main event will be in Discord where we will be screen sharing and the team will be onstage. You can view discord in a web browser no need to download an app though it does work more efficiently in the app.

If you haven’t paid attention to the project recently, it’s time to tune in. The products, network and strategy now seamlessly work together for IT Admins, Development Teams, Backup Managers and any other customer for Object-based Cloud Storage. For the first time ever, customers get costs dramatically lower than AWS or Azure AND potentially drive costs to zero by engaging in the Distributed Datacenter. But that is not all, over time customers can turn raw cloud storage into a profit center, earning money on the most secure platform on earth!

With security, durability and customer control over data, XNS is the Cloud whose time has come. On Saturday, March 25th, come join the team and get an end-to-end walkthru of this amazing platform. We’ll cover the new production release of Relayer 1.4.0, a revolutionary tool that returns full data control to customers. Your data is never in our possession or control and only you determine how, where and when it gets uploaded to the global distributed network. As a reward, we’re giving away some fantastic coupons for free storage.

The network is made up of several thousand Xa-Miner hardware and software devices. We’ll demo the Xa-Miner UX and discuss at length what our plans are for future updates, miner aggregation/federation, earnings potential and much more. Xa-Miner creates a powerful and consistent end-point on the network that will make up our ability for sophisticated compliance regimes and scalable, custom mini-datacenters created ad hoc by the customer themselves. You choose where your data lives with geo-positioning, quality features and track record. We’re putting multiple free licenses into the giveaway pool, so if you were looking to build a new Storage Provider, this might be your ticket.

Tying it altogether is our vision for customer and user identity, management, billing and operations. The XNS Console is undergoing rapid evolution as we create the tools needed by Storage Providers, XNS Partners and Customers. Join us for a breakdown of everything that currently exists and learn what we have in store for the future.


Recently posted and still evolving, the roadmap now gives everyone a clear understanding of the work ahead and where we are headed in 2023 and beyond. We’ll talk with the team about initiatives and what it will take to get there.

ScPrime / Xa Net Services Roadmap

And, There is More

2PB has been an elusive goal finally reached and many in the community participated in a community led contest to forecast when it would be hit. The winner will be announced and awarded based on the pool collected by Ian (Chanc3r) Ravencroft.

Another community-led effort is the Storage Provider Outreach group’s SCP_Rig contest. Users have submitted photos of their nodes in action. The results are as you might expect, interesting. The Storage Providers treat their gear to hold customer data like family. You don’t want to miss this as we review some of the entries and the Outreach team awards their SCP prize pool. There is still time to submit, join the Discord #outreach channel for more details.

Project Announcements/Normal Business

There have been several important announcements and project guidance over the last few months as we grind through this bear market cycle. Collateral increase, project investment, back-end systems updates, rebates and more will be covered. If you aren’t up to speed, this will get you there.

SCP 2 Papa Bravo Poker Tourney

March 26 | Community Poker Tournament

On Sunday at 2PM EDT/6PM UTC, we’re hosting a community poker tourney with all prize pools awarded. Included will be added bonuses including SCP, SPF and licenses with bounties for knocking out team members. There is a 200SCP entry fee with no rake, all entries go back to the players in prizes. Registration is open until 1 hour into the tournament and rebuys are available in the first hour.

Click to Register

Once you have registered, send 200 SCP to de8cad9d4078711bf0a06dfb4d4f1d8afb89f85f17705f381c3f64a8817b91c63dfe0f35afe1 and then email the TxID to or visit Discord and post in the #two-papa-bravo channel