Kenneth Scott Bell
Handle: FaustianAGI

20+ year history design / sales of video production and storage subsystems. Product development leader on the Telestream Wirecast Gear product. Extensive channel development and sales experience.

Lead Developer
Pavel Dolgov
Handle: zer0main

Data structures and algorithms in informatics, cryptography. Strong background in software design patterns and site reliability engineering.

C, C++, Go, Lua, Python, Haskell.

Chief Software Architect
Boris Nagaev
Handle: starius

Researcher with a focus on Bioinformatics. Strong developer using C, C++, Go, Python, Lua and others with code contributions to dozens of projects crypto and non-crypto alike. Former PhD candidate with a degree in Bioinformatics.

Network Operations
Jay Rama
Handle: J

Systems Engineer with 15 years experience over a range of Industries, most recently Film/TV and Storage Pipelines. Decentralised Service Evangelist with a focus on Security and Privacy.

Core Protocol Integration
Reinis Prikulus
Handle: reinisp

To come

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