Team Lead
Kenneth Scott Bell

20+ year history design / sales of video production and storage subsystems. Product development leader on the Telestream Wirecast Gear product. Extensive channel development and sales experience.

Lead Developer
Pavel Dolgov

Data structures and algorithms in informatics, cryptography. Strong background in software design patterns and site reliability engineering.

Network Ops/IT Lead
Jay Rama

Systems Engineer with 15 years experience over a range of Industries, most recently Film/TV and Storage Pipelines. Decentralised Service Evangelist with a focus on Security and Privacy.

Software Architect
Boris Nagaev

Researcher and PhD candidate with a degree in Bioinformatics. Code contributions to crypto and non-crypto projects. Senior dev in cloud storage security. Responsible for software design of the Relayer stack.

Back-end Engineer
Aleksandra Kobranova

Golang developer in distributed video transcoding and processing. Gitlab CI/Docker configs. Lua extensions to Nginx

Core Integration/Telemetry
Reinis Prikulus

Masters in Computer Science, System Administration and software development. Java experience and database development

Front End Development
James Bartlett

Over 18 years of website development, ranging from small projects to large corporation websites. Skills range from PHP, NodeJS and Vue to other languages.

Tech Marketing Engineer
Henry Wilson

Computer Engineering graduate with experience in blockchain, network, and financial systems. Passion for technology and real world applications. Chief ‘Splainer

Front End Development
Cameron Chadwell

To Come

If you are interested in joining the SCP team, please contact us.