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Command Line Daemon 1.7.2

Windows   Mac  Mac(M1/M2)  Linux   ARM   User Guide

Storage Providers should use this client exclusively for stable performance. The daemon is a full wallet, provider, consensus and gateway node

Web Wallet v0.2.6

Windows    MacOS    Linux

Easy to setup and use browser-based wallet – best choice for most wallet operations. This version includes daemon 1.7.2 and patches a consensus bug
Guide on usage


Download:  Windows    MacOS    Linux    ARM
User Guide:  Linux     Windows

A tool for Storage Providers to set an arbitrary price and have the price auto-adjust an amount around that price. It also provides auto-reannouncement of the host address when IP address changes.

Cold Wallet Generator

Windows    MacOS    Linux

Creates a seed and addresses w/o setting up a wallet. Once coins are stored on an address, they can be retrieved at any time as long as you have the seed. Guide on usage


If you prefer not to wait for the blockchain to sync, download a bootstrap of the latest consensus