Project Specification

Algorithm: Proof of Work (ASIC only) – Blake(2b)
Total Supply: Unlimited with declining inflation + coin burn (Guide on Total Supply)
Block Reward: 300 declining by .001 coin per block with a 10 SCP floor, likely occurring in 2024
Block Timing: 10 minute average with a difficulty adjustment algorithm that changes no more than .4% per block

Genesis Block 

3,100,000 – distributed on a 1:5 basis to existing holders from the original blockchain (~650,000 addresses)
51,000  – Mining pool maturity cushion: 5 mining pools
200,000  – Project/dev expenses – the only part of the premine taken by the team, it was used for server expenses
300,000 – Nebulous Inc Original blockchain development
This and SPF drop showed us as a supportive/friendly fork. Nebulous provided an address they knew they no longer had keys to. DYOR. 
1,750,000 – Storage Host Incentives
628,000 – Exchange listing fees (spent as of 12/31/2020)
4,523,377 – Network Development fund

Project Fee (first 2 years)

20% thru month 6, declining to 10% over 2 years
After block 105,000, the 10% project fee was sent to an unspendable address (burn) to reduce inflation/supply for the duration of the project

Supply Precision – The base unit of the ScPrime coin supply is 24 decimal places or 10^24. A precision change was done early on – Supply Change Guide

Emission/Inflation Schedule 


10,000 ScPrimeFunds (SPF) were initially created and distributed to holders of record at the open source software block 179,000.

At block 59550, a hard fork created an additional 20,000 SPF

At block 109,000, a hard fork changed total emission to 200,000,000 – this was done to make the token easily split so that it could achieve broad distribution

At block 222,800 a hard fork changed total emission to 400,000,000 – this was done to provide more tokens for the storage provider network and split the emission into 2 separate formats; SPF-A and SPF-B with B needing to be in wallets tied to storage contracts.

With the coming migration, it is expected the split between A/B will be removed in a coming hard fork as the goals of tying units to contracts are not likely to provide any significant benefits to the project or network.

SPF are a token not publicly available. The entire supply was initially held by the development corporation. Tokens have been granted to accredited angel investors as part of the early pre-seed capital rounds and  provided as bonus coins with no market value to people providing utility to the network. SPF have never been offered to the general public.

SPF earn 15% of the SCP value from each side of a storage contract or an effective total of 30% of each contract. The funds are pulled automatically and continuously as contracts progress. The pool is divided among the outstanding supply and available in wallets holding the SPF tokens. While the amounts are determined from both sides of a smart contract, the actual fee itself is always drawn from the Renter side of the transaction.

Current address breakdown of SPF