Points System

ScPrime/XNS Points Leaderboard

The Points system is built to award across the entire Distributed Datacenter ecosystem. Points will ultimately accrue against your XNS Console account to provide an SSO login across all connected platform utilities. In a coming update, Xa-Miner hardware devices will join Relayer and XM Full license inside your Console and this will be your master control across the platform.

We envision Points will be earned on Storage Provider nodes, token staking, storing data on the network as a Partner or Customer, community engagement and more. Points do not have any monetary value and are not valued at any specific ratio.

Currently, there are 5M D2X awaiting distribution to anyone providing liquidity staking across the various Solana pools for Season 1 concluding in September 2024. The Points leaderboard reflects all the addresses currently participating. Season 1 may also include additional activities as the summer progresses.

How LP Points are Derived

Points are distributed by the end of each period (pre-season on 4/1, season 1 apr on 5/1 etc.)

Points = Budget * Time-Points earned by user / Time-points earned by all users in that period.

Time-Points are earned by having in-range positions.
Time-Points are distributed every hour for every position that is older than 30 minutes.
The more concentrated the position – the more Time-Points.
Rules are:
12 Time-Points for each $1 in the range between 0 and 5% of the current price (on the “left” side, not on D2X side)
5 for each $1 between 5% and 10%
2 for each $1 between 10% and 20%
1 for each $1 in the range 20% and more
Full-range positions get 1 Time-Point for each $ on left side
On top of those there is x1.5 coeff for positions in USDC/USDT pools

Points allocation for the first season are on a slightly accelerating scale to accomodate additional participants as the program gets more valuable
Pre-season – 300 000
Season 1
Apr – 600 000
May – 700 000
Jun – 800 000
Jul – 900 000
Aug – 1,000,000
Sep – 1,000,000

Additional rules or strategies will follow as Points are added to items like Miner/License purchase, Storage Use and more