Storage Provider Incentives/Bonuses

Incentives encourage more and better capacity on the network with a wide variety of potential ways to earn extra above and beyond standard storage use. Providers are currently awarded more for superior Uptime and Available Capacity. In the future, we’ll add performance, latency, desirable geolocation and compliance adherence to a list of payable characteristics. Provider Incentive details are available once you sign up.

Providers represent a better Masternode, while they do not participate in consensus, providers do lock up “collateral” coins to verify the storage they are making available. The collateral protects storage customers from deduplication and other possible attacks. At the end of a contract period, providers receive all collateral back plus storage income. All that is required is a computer that remains online with average bandwidth and reasonable spare hard drive storage. You don’t pay anyone to become a provider and the more providers, the more the project/network grows.

How to Join

To qualify for provider incentives, you must meet the following guidelines.

  • Provide a minimum of 999GB of storage space
  • Set pricing to at least 10 SCP/TB/Mo
  • Set collateral between 1x and 1.25x (eg 25 – 30SCP)

Download provider software/wallet then complete the following form to sign up for the incentive program. We strongly urge providers to join our Discord where you will find our provider community and be able to get quick and convenient answers to any questions. Providers also should use the form if they are making any changes to a current provider instance
Discord Link