New Console, Cleanup Hard Fork and New Daemon Version 1.8.3

The new Console essentially completes our total ecosystem and now positions us to take on the world of unstructured object storage

Milestone event

Console announcement – Today we upgrade the Console to v2.0.0 which is a major upgrade for functional Billing and Partner capabilities, and refactoring to a more performant and maintainable framework. The XNS Cloud Storage product has been functional for some time, but over the last year our focus was on infrastructure, Relayer iteration and compatibility. Billing/IAM/Accounting is the last mile work to say we are finally and truly live! Try out the new Console today

Join us Thursday for a robust discussion on our history, present and future as we talk about what it all means for Providers, Customers, Partners and more. There is still a ton of work to do, but now we can start onboarding customers at the same time.

Other Development updates

A cleanup/maintenance Hard Fork is planned for July. With a large number of providers missing the last fork, we noticed anomalous behavior and minor bugs best dealt with in a fork. We’re including a minimum peer version in this release to limit ongoing connections with prior clients still operating on older software and creating issues with blockchain operations.

The block height for the above fork is set to 247900 which is mid-July. This time around we expect there to be no rogue mining pools and we will also be sending an email to subscribed Providers. This is likely to be the last hard fork for some time barring unforeseen events.

Daemon version 1.8.3 is released. Includes the above items as well as removing the Sia implementations of node tokening; Siamux and Ephemeral accounts. When we began, we identified the core need to provide smooth asynchronous operations on Provider contracting in our whitepaper. After release, the Sia devs decided it made sense and wrote their own version. It’s been in our code for a few years causing minor issues and is now removed. Thanks to our core developer, Reinis for that sprint. This is a REQUIRED update for everyone on the network. If you own an Xa-Miner, it will update automatically and you don’t need to do anything.

Full License upgraders under the recent $150+remit special need to get those Remits done if they have not occurred yet. Full license installs just need to have enough SCP in the wallet, CLI needs to run Supervisor Lite and follow the instructions. If you have not remitted, your license may be placed into Inactive status and later Retired.