error when calling /wallet/siacoins: unable to fund transaction: wallet has coins spent in incomplete transactions – not enough remaining coins

If you are trying to send 100% of your wallet balance, you should know that the wallet does have a fee built in so you can’t send 100% of the balance in your wallet – you can try sending smaller amounts.

If that does not solve your problem then: Reinitialize the wallet. Please, before doing this, make sure you have your seed words available.. then Go to the terminal tab in the wallet and type: wallet init-seed –force It will prompt you for your seed words – after it loads, try again to send coins at this point.

If you get a message at this point saying “API authentication failed” then go to the about tab and click on Show SiaPrime Data which on Windows will place you on a path like: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SiaPrime-UI

At this point, close out of the wallet, including right clicking the icon on the task bar and quitting from there and then you want to rename the SiaPrime-UI folder to SiaPrime-UI-backup then open the wallet again.  The wallet will re-sync and you will need to type in your seed words to open the wallet and should now be able to send coins.

Updating SiaPrime

Close SiaPrime completely. Download the latest wallet. Extract the downloaded files in to a new location, or on top of an existing install (when asked to replace or duplicate the files, click replace all).

Backing Up the Wallet and Important Data

The seed is the only way to protect and access your funds. In addition to writing it down, you can view it by clicking ‘Backup Wallet’ in an unlocked wallet.

The software’s internal data files should be backed up regularly if you are hosting or renting storage. The files can be found by clicking ‘Show SiaPrime Data’ in the ‘About’ tab of the SiaPrime-UI.

Lite or Cold Storage Wallet

Not quite. A few options exist to generate a seed and addresses to receive SiaPrimecoin offline. To send from these addresses, you’ll need to enter the seed on a SiaPrime client that is online and has downloaded the full SiaPrime blockchain.Cold storage wallet is a tool for creating offline receiving addresses. It’s not an “official” SiaPrime tool, but it’s written by one of the Sia developers. For pre-built Windows, Mac, and Linux packages, see the releases tab on the Github repo.

Web Wallet

Web wallets present unique security challenges and are not recommend. Any cryptocurrency exchange that supports SiaPrime will give you SiaPrime addresses and allow you to send and receive SiaPrime. This is not a “true” web wallet in the sense that the exchange controls the private key and thus ultimately controls your SiaPrime.  So as a matter of good practice, of course, the suggestion is only send what you need to, to an exchange and keep the rest in your wallet.

Mobile Wallet

Our primary customers will not be exposed to a wallet or need to purchase and hold cryptocurrency as this will happen underneath the hood though we will develop mobile apps to access our storage product. For cryptocurrency investors and speculators, a version of the ledger device is available for Sia and may be ported to SiaPrime if there is enough demand.

Claiming Airdrop

If you had a SiaCoin (SC) balance as of block 179,000, you’re eligible for airdropped coins at a ratio of 1SCP for every 5SC in your wallet. Download the SiaPrime-UI wallet and “Load a wallet from a seed” using your Siacoin seed for both the seed and the password.

Additionally, the SiaPrime team determined the top 35 largest SC addresses likely belonged to exchange wallets, with none expressing interest in distributing the assets. We subsequently placed them into cold storage and have determined it unlikely the exchanges will distribute the airdrop in the future. Thus, we expect to use these coins to further advance the project.