Wallet Is Stuck on Block 7269 (or Some Other)

There was a hard-fork at block 7200 (12/19/2018) and the other chain continued to height 7269. To resolve, a full consensus resynchronization is required. Fully close the ScPrime-UI wallet, then find and delete ‘consensus.db’ from the internal data files (see FAQ ‘How do I move the consensus database or internal data files?’ to find). After resynchronizing your consensus should be up to date.

Receiving SCP While Syncing

Yes. Once you have created a wallet and generated an address, you can start to send coins to that address. Your coins will appear in your wallet once the ScPrime client has fully synchronized.

Time to Synchronize

Initial blockchain download may take several hours, depending on hardware and internet connection – blockchain synchronization is faster on an SSD compared to a standard hard drive. Consensus.db can be located by navigating to the ‘About’ tab of the ScPrime wallet and clicking ‘Show ScPrime Data’. You can download the latest full consensus file from our servers directly to save time although there is still an initialization period after placing the file.