Contracts as SCP Price Changes

Contracts are formed at the going rate and are locked until the agreed upon expiration. Our business customers are unaffected by underlying price changes while hosts accept the risk of coin price volatility. Storage nodes typically adjust pricing to match current exchange rates.

Lite or Cold Storage Wallet

Not quite. A few options exist to generate a seed and addresses to receive SiaPrimecoin offline. To send from these addresses, you’ll need to enter the seed on a SiaPrime client that is online and has downloaded the full SiaPrime blockchain.Cold storage wallet is a tool for creating offline receiving addresses. It’s not an “official” SiaPrime tool, but it’s written by one of the Sia developers. For pre-built Windows, Mac, and Linux packages, see the releases tab on the Github repo.

SiaPrime vs Competition

SiaPrime builds on the core Sia protocol and shares the core features of durability and security. On top of the protocol, we build an S3-compatible storage interface complete with buckets, classes, versioning, permissioning and more. The product offering works at scale through the use of a client installed Relayer server instance, which handles bucket and metadata creation, interfacing with the node network and repair traffic coordination. To complete this business-focused cloud offering, companies pay in traditional formats leaving cryptocurrency acquisition and custody to us.