SCP I Sent/Was Sent is Not Appearing

Perform these 3 steps first

1) Check your ScPrime version in the ‘About’ tab of the UI. The ‘ScPrime UI version’ should match the ‘ScPrime version’, and both should be the latest version which you can check on Additionally, confirm your wallet is synchronized by running the command ‘consensus’ in the ‘Terminal’ tab and ensuring ‘Height’ matches the most recent block on

2) Double check the correct address. If this is the problem and you were sending to an exchange, contact the exchange. There’s a slim chance they may be able to recover the funds, particularly if the address accidentally sent to was an old exchange one. Otherwise, the coins are unfortunately most likely irretrievable.

3) Use the transaction id (txid) in a block explorer, such as If no transaction is found, then the block containing the transaction has not yet been mined; wait until the next block is mined. If the transaction has been found, then it has been finalized on the network. If sending from an exchange that does not provide the txid, contact them.

Sending to an exchange

As long as the transaction shows up in the block explorer (and transaction reads confirmed in the UI wallet) then the exchange has received the coins, and will often require 6 confirmations (approx. 60 minutes) to become usable. If it does not show up, contact the exchange for support.

Receiving to your ScPrime wallet

If your wallet is synchronized and transaction is not showing, then try a force rescan.

Purchasing SCP

As of 01/30/2020



We are also listed on BISQ.

ScPrime Coin (SCP)

ScPrime coin (SCP) is the cryptocurrency of the ScPrime platform. It is a utility coin used in renting and hosting storage on the ScPrime cloud storage Network.