Hosting Profitability

The core protocol includes a sophisticated scoring system that heavily weights toward high uptime/availability. The SiaPrime software direction includes additional scoring of performance and capability to match customers with the best possible storage based on use case. Better performing host nodes will earn a higher % of the revenue sharing program. Nodes can apply for bonus incentives here

Contracts as SCP Price Changes

Contracts are formed at the going rate and are locked until the agreed upon expiration. Our business customers are unaffected by underlying price changes while hosts accept the risk of coin price volatility. Storage nodes typically adjust pricing to match current exchange rates.

Host Liability

In the United States; hosts are considered safe from user submitted content under section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Storage providers, websites and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are considered protected under 230(c)(1) of the Communications Decency Act. No cases in the US have specifically accused websites of CP. Section 230©(1) is considered a “safe harbor” but has never been tried in a court of law.

In the European union; hosts may be protected by Directive 2000/31/EC as long as they meet certain criteria.

For additional information, contact a legal professional.

Backing Up the Wallet and Important Data

The seed is the only way to protect and access your funds. In addition to writing it down, you can view it by clicking ‘Backup Wallet’ in an unlocked wallet.

The software’s internal data files should be backed up regularly if you are hosting or renting storage. The files can be found by clicking ‘Show SiaPrime Data’ in the ‘About’ tab of the SiaPrime-UI.