Useful Hosting Commands

spc host -v Detailed current settings.
spc host config acceptingcontracts [true | false] Enables / disables new contracts
spc host config maxduration [26208] Maximum contract duration in blocks. Host accepts anything below
spc host config maxdownloadbatchsize [17825792] Maximum number of bytes allowed in a single download request
spc host config netaddress [] Specify host announce address and port or dynamic address
spc host config windowsize [144] Time to provide storage proof at contract end (blocks). Increase to ensure you don’t miss storage proofs but renters may avoid the host
spc host config collateral [10000SCP] Amount of SCP per TB/month
spc host config collateralbudget [50000SCP] Maximum total collateral put up for all contracts
spc host config maxcollateral [25000SCP] Maximum collateral put up for any single contract
spc host config mincontractprice [20mS] Minimum contract fee to cover transactions fees
spc host config minstorageprice [5000SCP] Storage price per TB/month
spc host config mindownloadbandwidthprice [100SCP] Download bandwidth price
spc host config minuploadbandwidthprice [100SCP] Upload bandwidth price
spc host announce Broadcast a new host to the network or re-announce an existing host

Backing Up the Wallet and Important Data

The seed is the only way to protect and access your funds. In addition to writing it down, you can view it by clicking ‘Backup Wallet’ in an unlocked wallet.

The software’s internal data files should be backed up regularly if you are hosting or renting storage. The files can be found by clicking ‘Show SiaPrime Data’ in the ‘About’ tab of the SiaPrime-UI.