Useful Hosting Commands

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spc host -v Detailed current settings.
spc host config acceptingcontracts [true | false] Enables / disables new contracts
spc host config maxduration [26208] Maximum contract duration in blocks. Host accepts anything below
spc host config maxdownloadbatchsize [17825792] Maximum number of bytes allowed in a single download request
spc host config netaddress [] Specify host announce address and port or dynamic address
spc host config windowsize [144] Time to provide storage proof at contract end (blocks). Increase to ensure you don’t miss storage proofs but renters may avoid the host
spc host config collateral [10000SCP] Amount of SCP per TB/month
spc host config collateralbudget [50000SCP] Maximum total collateral put up for all contracts
spc host config maxcollateral [25000SCP] Maximum collateral put up for any single contract
spc host config mincontractprice [20mS] Minimum contract fee to cover transactions fees
spc host config minstorageprice [5000SCP] Storage price per TB/month
spc host config mindownloadbandwidthprice [100SCP] Download bandwidth price
spc host config minuploadbandwidthprice [100SCP] Upload bandwidth price
spc host announce Broadcast a new host to the network or re-announce an existing host