Claiming Airdrop

If you had a SiaCoin (SC) balance as of block 179,000, you’re eligible for airdropped coins at a ratio of 1SCP for every 5SC in your wallet. Download the ScPrime-UI wallet and “Load a wallet from a seed” using your Siacoin seed for both the seed and the password.

Additionally, the ScPrime team determined the top 35 largest SC addresses likely belonged to exchange wallets, with none expressing interest in distributing the assets. We subsequently placed them into cold storage and have determined it unlikely the exchanges will distribute the airdrop in the future. Thus, we expect to use these coins to further advance the project.

Reinstall ScPrime

Warning: This will fully wipe your wallet, and any hosting/renting metadata & contracts. Be sure to have your seed stored somewhere you will not lose it.

Ensure ScPrime is closed (see above FAQ) and delete the entire ‘ScPrime-UI’ folder containing all of the internal data files (the ‘ScPrime-UI’ folder is one level above the internal data files shown by clicking ‘Show ScPrime Data’ in the ‘About’ tab, make sure its the correct one).

Opening ScPrime will now act as a fresh install.