Moving the Consensus Database or Internal Data Files

1) Run ScPrime at least once. This will generate the necessary files.

2) Find the files by clicking ‘Show ScPrime Data’ in the ‘About’ tab of the ScPrime-UI.

3) Close ScPrime completely (see below FAQ).

4) Move the ‘siaprime’ folder from this internal data folder to your desired location (ex. D:\)

5) Edit ‘config.json’ from the root of the internal data folder, and change the ‘datadir’ to the new ‘siaprime’ folder location. Leave the remaining handful of files (including ‘config.json’) in their original location.

Backing Up the Wallet and Important Data

The seed is the only way to protect and access your funds. In addition to writing it down, you can view it by clicking ‘Backup Wallet’ in an unlocked wallet.

The software’s internal data files should be backed up regularly if you are hosting or renting storage. The files can be found by clicking ‘Show ScPrime Data’ in the ‘About’ tab of the ScPrime-UI.

Closing ScPrime-UI

Find ScPrime from the system tray (bottom right of taskbar on Windows), right click and select ‘Quit ScPrime’.

If you would prefer ScPrime to close entirely when closing the main window, edit the ‘config.json’ file from the internal data files and change ‘closeToTray’ to false.

Lite or Cold Storage Wallet

Not quite. A few options exist to generate a seed and addresses to receive ScPrimecoin offline. To send from these addresses, you’ll need to enter the seed on a ScPrime client that is online and has downloaded the full ScPrime blockchain. Cold storage wallet is a tool for creating offline receiving addresses. It’s not an “official” ScPrime tool, but it’s written by one of the Sia developers. For pre-built Windows, Mac, and Linux packages, see the releases tab on the Github repo.

Web Wallet

Web wallets present unique security challenges and are not recommend. Any cryptocurrency exchange that supports ScPrime will give you ScPrime addresses and allow you to send and receive ScPrime. This is not a “true” web wallet in the sense that the exchange controls the private key and thus ultimately controls your ScPrime.  So as a matter of good practice, of course, the suggestion is only send what you need to, to an exchange and keep the rest in your wallet.

Mobile Wallet

Our primary customers will not be exposed to a wallet or need to purchase and hold cryptocurrency as this will happen underneath the hood though we will develop mobile apps to access our storage product. For cryptocurrency investors and speculators, a version of the ledger device is available for Sia and may be ported to ScPrime if there is enough demand.

New Address Generation

This is normal. By default and for privacy, every transaction generates a new wallet address though you still receive payments sent to any former addresses.

If you want to see a full list of your wallet addresses, go to the “Terminal” view and type

wallet addresses

Receiving SCP While Syncing

Yes. Once you have created a wallet and generated an address, you can start to send coins to that address. Your coins will appear in your wallet once the ScPrime client has fully synchronized.

Time to Synchronize

Initial blockchain download may take several hours, depending on hardware and internet connection – blockchain synchronization is faster on an SSD compared to a standard hard drive. Consensus.db can be located by navigating to the ‘About’ tab of the ScPrime wallet and clicking ‘Show ScPrime Data’. You can download the latest full consensus file from our servers directly to save time although there is still an initialization period after placing the file.