SiaPrime Error: “Consensus change series appears to be inconsistent – we are applying the wrong block”

Find the internal data files (related: ‘How do I move the consensus database or internal data files?’), and fully close SiaPrime-UI. Delete the ‘transactionpool’ folder, and reopen SiaPrime. If error persists, repeat these steps and delete the ‘consensus’ folder as well.

ScPrime Error: “Unable to fund transaction: wallet has coins spent in incomplete transactions – not enough remaining coins”

This issue typically means the client is not synchronized (though the wallet may think it is – do not always trust it). Perform step 1 from article ‘I can’t see SCP I sent or was sent.’ If not synchronized, see article ‘My wallet is stuck on block 7269 (or any other not up-to-date block height)’ to resolve. If synchronized, wait for an additional block or two to be mined (this should settle outstanding transactions) and try again. If issue persists, perform the resynchronization step above.

error when calling /wallet/siacoins: unable to fund transaction: wallet has coins spent in incomplete transactions – not enough remaining coins

If you are trying to send 100% of your wallet balance, you should know that the wallet does have a fee built in so you can’t send 100% of the balance in your wallet – you can try sending smaller amounts.

If that does not solve your problem then: Reinitialize the wallet. Please, before doing this, make sure you have your seed words available.. then Go to the terminal tab in the wallet and type: wallet init-seed –force It will prompt you for your seed words – after it loads, try again to send coins at this point.

If you get a message at this point saying “API authentication failed” then go to the about tab and click on Show ScPrime Data which on Windows will place you on a path like: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SiaPrime-UI

At this point, close out of the wallet, including right clicking the icon on the task bar and quitting from there and then you want to rename the SiaPrime-UI folder to SiaPrime-UI-backup then open the wallet again.  The wallet will re-sync and you will need to type in your seed words to open the wallet and should now be able to send coins.

ScPrime Is Using Too Many Resources

ScPrime is resource intensive while synchronizing consensus, and can cause stutters while this is being performed. ScPrime is particularly RAM intensive, even when not synchronizing.

ScPrime Error: “API Authentication Failed”

If error is encountered using the API directly, read up on the GitLab documentation. If encountered using the UI, this is a rare issue, and we’d appreciate submitting a New issue on GitLab.

Wallet Is Stuck on Block 7269 (or Some Other)

There was a hard-fork at block 7200 (12/19/2018) and the other chain continued to height 7269. To resolve, a full consensus resynchronization is required. Fully close the ScPrime-UI wallet, then find and delete ‘consensus.db’ from the internal data files (see FAQ ‘How do I move the consensus database or internal data files?’ to find). After resynchronizing your consensus should be up to date.

ScPrime-UI: “Loading may take a while after upgrading to a new version”

After updating, the UI may need to make significant changes before it is ready for use. This process will be faster on an SSD, and can take up to several hours on a HDD.

SCP I Sent/Was Sent is Not Appearing

Perform these 3 steps first

1) Check your ScPrime version in the ‘About’ tab of the UI. The ‘ScPrime UI version’ should match the ‘ScPrime version’, and both should be the latest version which you can check on Additionally, confirm your wallet is synchronized by running the command ‘consensus’ in the ‘Terminal’ tab and ensuring ‘Height’ matches the most recent block on

2) Double check the correct address. If this is the problem and you were sending to an exchange, contact the exchange. There’s a slim chance they may be able to recover the funds, particularly if the address accidentally sent to was an old exchange one. Otherwise, the coins are unfortunately most likely irretrievable.

3) Use the transaction id (txid) in a block explorer, such as If no transaction is found, then the block containing the transaction has not yet been mined; wait until the next block is mined. If the transaction has been found, then it has been finalized on the network. If sending from an exchange that does not provide the txid, contact them.

Sending to an exchange

As long as the transaction shows up in the block explorer (and transaction reads confirmed in the UI wallet) then the exchange has received the coins, and will often require 6 confirmations (approx. 60 minutes) to become usable. If it does not show up, contact the exchange for support.

Receiving to your ScPrime wallet

If your wallet is synchronized and transaction is not showing, then try a force rescan.

I See 0.088 SCP Transactions I Never Made

0.088 transactions indicate wallet defragmentation. The ScPrime wallet is composed of multiple addresses and moves balances to defragment, causing a transaction on the blockchain. The 0.088 SCP transaction is the network fee for this transaction.

Coins Withdrawn From Exchange Are Not Appearing

If the address you entered was correct, you should open a support ticket with the exchange after a reasonable period of time. Check the transaction ID in to verify.