Purchasing ScPrime Funds

To purchase a ScPrimeFund, you would need to contact a holder and arrange a purchase. There are no established markets available.

ScPrime Funds

ScPrimefunds earn fees hosts and renters pay (about 3.9% of a host’s collateral). SPF were distributed to holders of a similar asset on the Sia network called a Siafund. The developers of Sia hold ScPrimefunds as a long-term method of financing development.

ScPrime on Large Exchanges

Large exchanges have steep listing fees and minimum volume requirements. Being listed on large exchanges is highly requested and will come with time as community support and network use grows.

Purchasing SCP

As of 01/30/2020






We are also listed on BISQ.

Claiming Airdrop

If you had a SiaCoin (SC) balance as of block 179,000, you’re eligible for airdropped coins at a ratio of 1SCP for every 5SC in your wallet. Download the ScPrime-UI wallet and “Load a wallet from a seed” using your Siacoin seed for both the seed and the password.

Additionally, the ScPrime team determined the top 35 largest SC addresses likely belonged to exchange wallets, with none expressing interest in distributing the assets. We subsequently placed them into cold storage and have determined it unlikely the exchanges will distribute the airdrop in the future. Thus, we expect to use these coins to further advance the project.

ScPrime vs Competition

ScPrime builds on the core Sia protocol and shares the core features of durability and security. On top of the protocol, we build an S3-compatible storage interface complete with buckets, classes, versioning, permissioning and more. The product offering works at scale through the use of a client installed Relayer server instance, which handles bucket and metadata creation, interfacing with the node network and repair traffic coordination. To complete this business-focused cloud offering, companies pay in traditional formats leaving cryptocurrency acquisition and custody to us.


ScPrime is composed of a diverse and deep group including core and front-end coders as well as network and business support personnel. As of April 2019, the ScPrime team consists of:

  • Kenneth Scott Bell (FaustianAGI): Project Lead
  • Boris Nagaev (starius): Core Developer
  • George Carlson (cometiclimey): Core Developer
  • Pavel Dolgov (zer0main): Core Developer
  • Ben Nguyen: Application/Frontend
  • Jay Rama (J): Systems Engineer/Net Ops
  • James Muller (starbuckz8): Storage Network Engineer
  • David Webb (DRmining): Guide
  • Henry Wilson (MasterHW): Guide

ScPrime Coin (SCP)

ScPrime coin (SCP) is the cryptocurrency of the ScPrime platform. It is a utility coin used in renting and hosting storage on the ScPrime cloud storage Network.