King of Hosts

SiaPrime is pleased to recognize a single great storage provider on our network! Win the title of King of Hosts and you will be given a role in our Discord above everyone else (even the Team). In addition, we’ll ship 2 million SCP coins to help cover the cost of collateral on your main host and additional rigs you set up. We’re already providing a generous host incentive startup program to new hosts and hosts earn ongoing rental income plus incentives. The title runs for a limited time period.

The qualifications to participate and earn the King of Hosts title are as follows:

  • Host at least 2TB of storage on the network
  • Maintain a 95% or better uptime over the prior 2 week period
  • Refer new hosts that have good stats

As the program progresses, we’ll tighten the requirements and maybe add more. For the first few honorees, new host referrals will be the key metric. In the case of tie, winner will be drawn at random from the tied participants.

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