ScPrime Storage Provider Incentives

Storage Providers are paid base fees for capacity used, this is called Price

Additional funds called Incentives are available for desirable qualities. We envision a network with a broad configuration of Providers, each with a slightly different profile and ability to earn different fees. Future earnings may be based on Latency/Performance, Compliance Auditability, desirable Geolocation, Continuous Time in Service, etc. There are other potentially useful stats that can be incentivized like Collateral Available or Offered. Watch this page for details of which Incentives are available and how they are paid. Providers can view their personal Telemetry Detail page to see how they are being compensated.

The base requirement to gain Incentives is adherence to pricing guidelines which help bound cost certainty while allowing market forces to determine exact costing.  Providers may set prices as high or as low as they desire and earn base fees, but our client software favors Providers within the boundaries. This ensures the network is permissionless, yet driven by financial incentives and it also limits tendencies toward centralization and unfair advantage as we see in Bitcoin consensus mining as an extreme example.

There is no need to “sign-up” to provide storage or to earn Incentives today, though high-paying tiers may soon require KYC and higher disclosure. Keep this page bookmarked to stay on top of changes to the program.

Current Incentives Guidelines
Follow Guidelines to participate in the following Incentive programs
Price between 1 and 5SCP/TB/Mo
Collateral at 1x (you can go higher but there is no benefit)

Used Space pays 125SCP/TB/Mo (this is scheduled to decline 10SCP every month for the next 12)
Continuous Time in Service Multiplier – Not Used Yet
Location – Not Used Yet
Performance – Not Used Yet
Auditability – Not Used Yet

We strongly urge providers to join our Discord where you will find our provider community and be able to get quick and convenient answers to any questions.
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