Announcing Days of ScPrime – Two Years of Milestones Pointing to the Future. Starting Thursday when the blockchain rolls over 100,000 blocks, we’ll celebrate our history, project features and events that got us here. Over 4 days, there will be meetups, promotions, giveaways and awareness building as we look to year-end and our pending MVP release. Come join our Discord to stay abreast and check us out on Facebook and Twitter for daily announcements! We’ll even tease a couple of new product plans. Stay on this page for the complete schedule of events as it is posted.

Daily Schedule

Day 1 – Proof of Work
Thursday – 9/24/2020
Block 100,000

Countdown to 100,000 in the Discord and on Social media with our community. Use hashtags $SCP, #SCPblock100k, #DistributedStorage, #ScPrime and tag our Twitter / Facebook accounts to spread the word.

Miner Roundtable (11am EDT) – Come join a group of ASIC farmers, pool operators and mining supporters in a live audio call in Discord (Auditorium Channel) discussing the past, present and future of mining on the SCP blockchain. We’ll have live giveaways during the call including ASIC units and $SCP. To be eligible for the random draw giveaways, you need to RSVP (attendance is not mandatory)

Event is concluded

Day 2 – Exchanges
Monday – 9/28/2020

SouthxChange – Random draws involving the infamous SX trollbox, be sure to sign up and deposit today so you can participate.

WhiteBIT – A newer exchange rapidly moving up the Gecko and CMC charts, WhiteBIT just announced KYC-Free sign-ups with a 2BTC daily limit. Now, we have some new promos to announce that you are going to participate in. Sign up today to be ready for Friday!

Probit – New Listing announcement to come with promotions – stay tuned.

Day 3 – Development
Monday – 9/29/2020
Developer Day – Xa

Morning overview

Development Live Call/AMA – Discord 12:00pm MDT/6pm UTC

There will be two giveaways during the live call, be sure to sign up and join us

Full Development Update – Discord (following call)

Day 4 – Storage Network
Monday – 9/30/2020
Building a Network at Scale

Morning Network Provider Live Call – Discord
11:00am MDT/5:00pm UTC

Discussion of issues for network providers and information about the roadmap and calendar. If you are a provider, try to attend. During the call, we’ll have a discussion about a new product announcement to be made just before.

King of Hosts transition – We’ll crown a new King for Q4 and at the same time we’ll have some special incentives for providers in the monthly incentives.