SiaPrime Community Promotion (SCP)

A quarterly marketing program to reward community members

SiaPrime is true enterprise scale, decentralized cloud storage. Help us get the message out by creating helpful posts and media about the project. Almost anything qualifies including blog posts, video clips, twitter threads. Anything that helps explain what we’re doing and why. Throughout the quarter, we’ll have focused weeks with special prizes. Submitters of qualifying media links will receive SCP coins which can be used to purchase and rent storage on the live network. At the end of the quarter, our team of judges will choose 3 winners to pick up bonus SCP!

How to participate:

The program starts on 7/7/2019 and runs for 13 weeks. Follow us on Twitter Facebook / Instagram / Reddit / QQ to participate. Once you have created a piece, simply @ us on one of the above properties to evaluate your submission. Include an SCP address for us to ship coins to. That’s all there is too it. Anyone can win, though we reserve the right to deny entries that lack quality information. Use the following list as examples for potential submissions.

  • Why should you be a part of the SiaPrime community?
  • How does SiaPrime help business store data on a global scale?
  • How being a host on the SiaPrime network is profitable

Be sure to include the hashtags #SiaPrime #SiaPrimeCommunityPromotion or #SCP with your social media submission

Sample Submissions

Example Formats:


  • Square format 640 x 640 for IG Feed
  • 1080 x 1920 for IG / FB / Snap stories
  • 1920 x 1080 for YouTube, FB and Twitter
  • 60-240 seconds long


  • 500-2000 words
  • Include graphics where possible

Twitter Thread

  • 6-12 tweets
  • Include graphics as necessary

Other items – design an amazing t-shirt, create your own community website or almost anything else to help bring additional hosts, renters and community members to the SiaPrime project.

Background information:

If you need further information about the project, visit the following:
Project Specifications
Software Spec
Discord (Our main community location)


Prize payouts will be based on the number of submissions per week with an average weekly payout pool of ~10-12m SCP.

As this is a community-driven effort, members can contribute to the pool by by mining or sending coins to this address:

Check the pool address to see how it is progessing

SiaPrime (SCP) trades on Crypto-Bridge, SouthXchange and Bisq.