We’re always seeking motivated team members

Seeking team members with coding expertise or database architecture. We’re building a business-centric cloud storage application on top of the Sia protocol.  If you have the qualifications, you can expect a generous compensation in our own currency and an equity position in the company. SiaPrime is a fair launch, Proof of Work project without a presale. We expect to be fully capitalized by mid 2019 and will shift compensation to fiat. Part time or Full time is acceptable for the right candidate.

Our devs span the globe and most interaction occurs in our Discord channel. Work at your own pace on a project that truly interests you. Submit the form or visit our Discord and DM FaustianAGI.

Current roles available
CSS Author/UX Designer – Relayer / Internal interfaces
Network Engineer – Performance testing, QoS
Database Architect – Various Relayer / Internal microservice needs