SCP, Corp is a USA-based C-Corporation chartered in Colorado, a state with friendly blockchain laws specifically related to utility coins and their production. The vision of the company is to create a disruptive new entity in the growing cloud services and cloud infrastructure markets using distributed networking, public ledgers and core bits of Web3.0 technology.

Key messaging is Evolution, then Revolution, which highlights a core product offering in the Xa Cloud to be a direct snap-in replacement for current centralized cloud offerings. Corporations and SMEs will not be initially asked to purchase, custody and use cryptocurrency but instead will pay normally to SCP, Corp. Under the hood, the company’s Relayer technology will handle all crypto smart contracting and transactions. A high degree of S3 compatibility ensures Xa and Relayer are viable replacement technologies for any number of current object storage based cloud infrastructure.

SCP, Corp is also the main developer and keeper of the SCP blockchain. Future direction will most likely include a spinoff foundation to handle chain governance and ongoing consensus modeling. Currently, the blockchain is validated by Proof of Work with a small number of Blake2b ASIC models able to provide hashing capability. A future move to Proof of Stake is planned using another token on the network, SPF.


SCP, Corp.
PO Box 270192
Fort Collins, CO 80527