Updating Software for the 222800 Hard Fork

Updating your storage provider node is critical prior to the hard fork

Image for ScPrime website. ScPrime is the project behind the distributed S3 cloud provider, Xa Net Services.

Hard Fork Software Release

The 222800 hard fork software has been released. Several providers have installed and it is working properly. There are a variety of ways different Storage Provider instances will update as outlined below

Xa-Miners – Currently all Xa-Miner hardware operates on a push model, with the software updates automatically rolled out. A reasonable number of units will update today with the larger balance finishing over the next 2-3 days. If you are curious, you can check the Support page for version number.
Soft Helmet version There is no need to do anything at all if you own an Xa-Miner, the Xa-Miner takes care of itself

Xa-Miner Full Software – The process to update Full versions is to remove the current daemon from the system, which forces Supervisor to download and update to the latest. The following guides show how:
You must do this yourself on the Full version installs, Full does not take care of itself

DIY Basic – This process is the same as it has always been, replace the two daemon-related files (SPD and SPC) with the new Release from our website – https://scpri.me/software
You must do this yourself on the Basic version installs, Basic does not take care of itself

It is incumbent on you to get this done before block 222800. If you fail to update before, you will lose data and you will no longer be on the right network.

The Web Wallet will get a new release over the next week. Exchanges and Mining Pools are being made aware of the update. The Explorer should also update over the coming week. If you are a Gateway node, we ask you get updated quickly.