Stale Contract | Data Removal Patch – MANDATORY UPDATE

The Yellow Line

Let’s talk about the yellow line. A few days ago, several Providers began reporting significant unexplained data drops. Initially the thought was simple contract conclusions on some of our testing Relayers as all the data on the network currently is non-customer test data. As we dug deeper, we thought it might be related to the older Contractor which has been supplanted with a new Kafka-backed cluster for performance and durability. The old Contractor will continue until data finally ages out. But that proved to not be the issue either. Finally, we found the answer in some codework a dev did to clean up stale contract data, an issue that has plagued the protocol forever. In working to resolve, aggressive code was added that didn’t contemplate circumstances where Contracts up for Renewal are marked stale initially due to unreachable status, yet become active when the Provider returns online.

The code takes the next step and marks the data for deletion and garbage collection and the result is loss of data. This is bad for the Provider of course, but currently it is also bad for the Relayer/Customer as we have not yet fully implemented our version of Active Repair. Repairs are the mechanism where the Relayer can rebuild data on the network to regain durability and our core devs are deep in the process of development with release expected in the next couple months. In the interim, we are pushing out a patch release that EVERY provider should update to. Xa-Miner customers do not need to do anything.

Update to v1.6.3.2 for the patch release that will prevent you from losing the current test data and future real data if your Provider becomes unavailable during Contract Renewals.

For the future, we have added some process and personnel decisions into core engineering to ensure this sort of code bump cannot occur. It is important we are catching these kinds of things now before our network is securing Petabytes of real and valuable customer assets. For providers that lost funds, we plan to cross check with license status as soon as the licensing tool is available. If the Provider carries a license at the Incentives payout for August, we will provide a small bonus to cover the month of June. For non-licensed, this was always test data and Providers need to realize it was likely going away as we released the Relayer. Licenses are available at the Xa-Miner website

Thanks to everyone for their patience and now it’s time to focus on driving traffic to the network with our Distributed Relayer tool and Console applications available on the Xa Net Services platform.