ScPrime The Distributed Datacenter

The Distributed Datacenter

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Storage

Anti-Fragile Blockchain

Multiple PH/s of expensive ASIC hashrate validates an immutable global ledger of storage transactions

End-to-End Encryption

Data is never exposed to hackers unencrypted. You are always in control


S3 is the de facto “protocol” of Cloud Services. ScPrime is compatible with thousands of apps and tools today

Passive Income

Anyone with an Internet connection can become part of the Distributed Datacenter and provide durable, secure and performant storage capacity

Global Hyper-Scale

As customers purchase storage, nodes are incentivized to join wherever needed creating a truly intelligent Edge

Environmentally Friendly

Discard PUE as a measure, cooling, facilities, 24×7 personnel are products of a bygone strategy to deliver public Cloud Services

Object-Based Cloud Storage for Business that Runs on the ScPrime Distributed Datacenter

Xa Net Services uses fiat gateways and standard SLA guarantees. ScPrime growth is incentivized to follow actual use ensuring passive income earners always generate ROI.

Hacker Resistant
11 Nines of Durability
TCO as low as $0.00/TB*
No Egress or API Fees
Data is Always Under Your Control

*Customer joins the Distributed Datacenter with storage mining assets

XNS - Decentralized Cloud Services

Live Map

Xa-Miner Storage Provider

Complete Systems and Full Software Licensing

Joining the Distributed Datacenter is easy. Choose a licensed Provider setup to share in data from Xa Net Services with the following benefits:

Genuine Passive Income – Miner setup is trivially easy and the unit requires little ongoing maintenance. Alerts let you know if there are any technical issues

Sales organization with real-world products – Retail and channel Partner efforts target business use of the network

Provider indemnification on XNS uploads – Business customers agree to Terms of Service barring illegal material

World class software – Xa-miner hardware and software users enjoy easy setup and monitoring with a large array of current tools and more in the pipeline. Coming features include robust accounting, remote access and custom miner groups to monitor sets of providers

Mining assets as Hybrid Cloud – Companies add Xa-Miners while purchasing storage to receive benefits of durability (outside data pieces) and price below any S3-based public cloud (inside data on Xa-Miner assets)

Project / Products Roadmap

4th Quarter

Relayer MT
Conductor/Kafka Refactor
Xa-Miner UI Refactor
Relayer Telemetry

4th Quarter (cont)

Relayer NAS – S3 Gateway
Meta Backup Relayer/Provider
Provider Selection
Provider Accounting
Remote Access Relayer/Provider

1st Quarter

Contract/Folder Refactor
Remote Access Relayer/Provider
File Repair
Xa-Miner Xtreme

2nd Quarter

SPF Bridge
Relayer Meta – Multi-Access
Relayer Meta – CDN
Relayer Meta – “Snowball”

3rd Quarter

Storage Proof Modification
Novel Consensus R&D
SCP Bridge

4th Quarter

Blockchain Migration

Storage Network – Key Performance Indicators

ScPrime network and blockchain key performance indicators